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Gunnar Karel Másson new Project Manager at Reykjavik Arts Festival

Gunnar Karel Másson has been hired as a Project Manager at Reykjavik Arts Festival as of 18. February.

Gunnar Karel studied composition at Iceland University of the Arts and at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. He is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Sonic Festival in Copenhagen and has been the Artistic Director of Dark Music Days in Reykjavik since 2016. Gunnar Karel is well experienced in Nordic collaborations from his studies, his festival work in addition to his work with Young Nordic Music and Nordic Music Days. Gunnar Karel is also a music teacher and a member of the theatre group 16 elskendur.

Gunnar Karel will manage Platform GÁTT, a new project which is a part of Iceland’s presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2019. Platform GÁTT is a collaboration between Reykjavik Arts Festival, Bergen International Festival, Helsinki Festival, Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival and the Nordic House in Faroe Islands and it’s goal is to create opportunities for young, emerging artists to connect with one another and to promote their artwork.